The Doctrine of Baptisms


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The Doctrine of Baptisms

A look at New Testament teaching regarding Baptisms

In the scripture we find that an understanding of the truth regarding baptisms is fundamental to growth and advancement in the faith. The writer of Hebrews identifies the doctrine of Baptisms as one of the foundational doctrines. Here it is seen that there are more than one baptism that the believer must understand and participate in as the doctrine refers to "Baptisms". This series will examine the Biblical teaching regarding Four Baptisms that relate to the believer's obedience in the faith. In each of the baptisms considered, it will be noted that there are three key elements in any Baptism. Seeing these three distinctive features of any baptism helps to distinguish the baptism from one another and clarify the purpose and point of each of them. This study is not intended to be an exhaustive consideration of all the scripture says regarding baptism in both Testaments. It is intended give a foundational understanding to the believer regarding the nature and purpose of each baptism to help us follow the Lord in faith and obedience where we need to believe and submit to or appropriate what the Lord has directed us in as His disciples. May God encourage the listeners of these messages to believe and respond to the word of God and thereby be established on a good foundation in the faith.

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